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Frog Has No Fur

La Rana No Tiene Pelo
Walang Balahibo Ang Palaka

Illustrated by Deb McQueen
Published by The Little Fig, LLC
Publication date: 2014
Available in multiple languages

For preschool to 5th grade

Revised nonfiction version coming 2019 from Star Bright Books!

So Big and Little Bit find friendship while discovering what makes them different. This multilingual picture book, now available in 10 different languages, explores the traits of mammals and amphibians and asks the big question, do we have to be the same to be friends?

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Publication date: 2014 by The Little Fig, LLC Language(s)
Product dimensions: 8.5in X 8.5in
Page count: 40

Hardcover ISBN: 9781633330092
Hardcover (Library quality) ISBN: 9781633330115
Paperback ISBN: 9781633330009
Ebook ISBN: 9781633330030
English + Arabic ISBN: 9781633330160
Chinese only ISBN: 9781633330504
English + Chinese ISBN: 9781633330177
English + French ISBN: 9781633330184
English + German ISBN: 9781633330191
English + Korean ISBN: 9781633330214
English + Portuguese ISBN: 9781633330238
English + Spanish ISBN: 9781633330115
English + Tagalog ISBN: 9781633330245
English + Telugu ISBN: 9781633330207
English + Urdu ISBN: 9781633330221
English + Vietnamese ISBN: 9781633330252
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